Volunteer Information

SOUL’s Current Planting Season Takes Place October 2023-March 2024.

To learn about community planting volunteer opportunities, please contact Lauren Davis at ldavis@soulnola.org or volunteer@soulnola.org.

To learn about corporate or group volunteer opportunities, please contact Melody Arcia at marcia@soulnola.org or groups@soulnola.org.


Click the links below to learn more about SOUL’s different volunteer roles.

Tree Planter

From November through March, we routinely host Saturday tree planting events throughout neighborhoods in New Orleans. Tree planting volunteers check in at base camp Saturday mornings at 9:30am and plant until 1pm. This role involves using shovels and pick-axes to plant trees in 15-30 gallon pots, so volunteers should expect some strenuous activity. If you have physical limitations but still want to volunteer at our Saturday plantings, you could help us with greeting volunteers at the check-in table or watching over base camp. Sign up as an individual here.

Truck Driver

Have a pick-up truck? SOUL needs volunteers with trucks to help us transport trees at our Saturday planting events from October through March. Truck drivers are paired with a group and a team leader and are asked to arrive at base camp between 8:00 and 8:30 am Saturday mornings, where the SOUL team will help load your truck with trees and tools for your team. Then drivers deliver trees to their planting locations. 


Team Leader

Team leaders help facilitate planting teams during our Saturday events from November through March by demonstrating proper planting instructions and coordinating volunteer groups. This role is best suited for those who have already attended several SOUL plantings. This position requires good communication skills and delegation and not necessarily physical strength. 


Maintenance Volunteer

When planting season is over, there’s still plenty of work to be done! From April-October, SOUL  volunteers help maintain trees that SOUL has planted. Maintenance involves work like mulching, staking, and watering trees. This work can be done with small groups on the weekends, or, if you are an individual, you could volunteer to help our Maintenance Coordinator water trees during the week. 


Office Volunteer 

Do you have physical limitations that prevent you from planting/digging but still want to volunteer with SOUL? There are opportunities in the office for volunteers, particularly in planning for our annual Treequinox fundraiser in September. Office volunteers can help with outreach and administrative duties.

Volunteer Groups

Does your business want to host a staff volunteer day? Are you planning a visit to New Orleans with a group? SOUL can help you plan a volunteer day with your group. Groups must consist of at least 10 people, and we can plan group volunteer events during the planting and maintenance seasons. Availability depends on our volunteer calendar—please contact marcia@soulnola.org or groups@soulnola.org.