Reforesting Algiers Riverview

SOUL is heading back to Algiers to plant more trees! This January we will be planting 200 more trees in Old Algiers. By the end of the month the neighborhood’s canopy will have increased by over 500 trees!

If you’d like to volunteer to help plant, please sign up here.

If you live in Algiers and would like a tree at your home, please fill out this online permit, or contact Catherine at or at 504-264-2443

On October 9th SOUL welcomed members of the Algiers/Riverview community for a meeting to discuss reforesting the neighborhood. We talked about the problems facing Algiers, problems which face all communities in New Orleans: flooding, subsidence, blight. Some of these issues are especially pressing in Algiers, and through a partnership with the City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways, and through a generous grant from Preserving Historic Algiers Community Corporation, funding from the Entergy Corporation, and with invaluable encouragement from Cm. Palmer, SOUL is taking action.

Our first step at the meeting was to determine areas in the community that residents would like to see more trees. On a large map of Algiers, we welcomed people to stick pins onto streets where they know trees are absent. SOUL took that information and went out into the streets to mark where trees could be planted. We then notified the homeowners of these locations to inform them of our intention to plant trees in their right-of-ways, both by mail, and through flyers left on doorsteps. Anyone who did not wish trees planted at their homes was given the opportunity to turn down our offer to plant. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t be happier for it.

The green lines on the map show where SOUL previously planted trees.
The orange lines indicate where the community wished to see a denser canopy.

With the help of our solid crew of wonderful volunteers, we are planting nearly 300 trees over the course of two weekends in Algiers. The change will be transformative. Immediately, the trees will start to do “work”: improving air quality, drinking stormwater, and beautifying the neighborhood. As they grow their branches and leaves will provide shade, cool the surrounding air, lower surface temperatures, create food and habitat for native animals, and help with subsidence. Algiers is currently sinking at a rate of over 0.78″ per year. By holding soil in place with their roots the new trees will help slow this process.

Every neighborhood deserves to be as green and forested as the Garden District. Algiers is now on its way! As with every community, SOUL is committed to keeping a presence in Algiers until a thriving urban canopy is established. If you live in Algiers and would like trees in your right-of-way or front yard, please fill out this online permit or contact Catherine at or 504-264-2443.

Below you can find a list of the species and number of trees we are planting.

  • ‘Florida Flame’ Red Maple: 6
  • Live Oak: 3
  • Nuttall Oak: 35
  • Bald Cypress: 30
  • ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia: 39
  • ‘Kay Parris’ Magnolia: 28
  • Sweetbay Magnolia: 77
  • Savannah Holly: 51
  • Dahoon Holly: 2

Thank you WVUE FOX 8 News for the story about our Algiers planting! Many thanks to the Entergy Corporation and Preserving Historic Algiers Community Corporation for funding this work. And thank you to our incredible volunteers for doing the hard work of getting these trees planted!