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Last year, we planted 190 trees in New Orleans.

This year, our goal is to plant 600.

But we can’t do it without you. Here are some ways you can help:

Request a Tree

The trees are provided and planted at no cost (and with great delight from our team.) You (or your landlord if you’re a tenant) will have to sign a permit and commit to watering the tree once a week for the first year after planting. We will help you pick the right tree for the right spot. Sign up to request a tree here.

Be a Block Captain

Block Captains are the neighborhood leaders. They are crucial in engaging their community on a grassroots level, in a way that SOUL can’t. Some of the responsibilities of a Block Captain include: engaging with their neighbors about planting trees, retrieving permits from tree recipients, assisting the homeowner in picking out the appropriate tree, and assisting SOUL in creating a “tree palette” and strategy for their neighborhood. Sign up to become a Block Captain here.


We rely on a dedicated group of volunteers to fulfill every aspect of our mission. One of the primary ways to help is volunteering at a tree planting event. It’s quite a treat to turn a block from tree-less to green in a matter of hours! We try to make it fun, too, with food, drinks, and a place to socialize and rest. There are a number of other ways to volunteer as well. Sign up to volunteer here.

Thank you for your support! Let’s reforest New Orleans together.