The neighborhood that we now call Broadmoor was originally marshland, a fishing spot for Uptown residents. Even with all of the modern drainage improvements, the neighborhood is still a basin, and is the lowest-lying in the city. Broadmoor is in desperate need of trees to help the grey infrastructure keep up with the incredible amount of water that can pool during a storm. A mature Live Oak can drink 1,000 gallons of water in a day; a Bald Cypress can drink over 800 gallons.

With the support of the Department of Parks and Parkways, the Broadmoor Improvement Association, and with the input from community leaders and neighbors, SOUL planted over 175 trees in the winter of 2020. Our plans were cut short due to COVID-19, but we are returning this fall to plant those trees that did not get planted in March, and to plant 200 more.

We want to hear from the community: what next??

Where would you like to see more trees?

Are there species you’d prefer?

Do you have comments, questions, or suggestions for SOUL?

Join us via Zoom for a community meeting to talk about our opt-out planting, and how we can best help the neighborhood in the 2020-2021 planting season. Stay tuned for date and time, and please contact Catherine with any questions or comments in the meantime.