Tree Recommendations

Please explore the following trees as suggestions for what to plant on the right-of-way (space between sidewalk and street) in New Orleans. An *asterisk* indicates native trees.

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SMALL TREES • select a small tree if your right-of-way is smaller than 4′, and/or if there are power lines overhead. (Click on below images to enlarge them.)

Dahoon Holly, Cassine Holly • Ilex cassine*
12’h x 10’w • evergreen
Small native tree grows in full sun to part shade. Bright red berries bloom for several months.


Blue Beech, Ironwood, Hornbeam • Carpinus caroliniana*
25’h x 15′ w • deciduous
Small native tree with beautiful muscular bark. Thrives in full sun to relatively heavy shade.  It has beautiful fall color.

Good tree for under powerlines.

Sweet Bay Magnolia • Magnolia virginiana*
30’h x 15′ w • semi-evergreen
Thrives in full sun-part shade. Moderate growth rate. Single or multi-trunk. Is content with very wet soggy conditions.





LARGE TREES • a great option if you have a right-of-way larger than 4′ AND there are no power lines overhead. (Click on below images to enlarge them.)

Nuttall Oak • Quercus nuttallii*
40′ h x 25′ w, deciduous
This long-lived native tree is prized for its consistent form and is a great choice for planting a consistent

Drummond Red Maple • Acer rubrum var. drummondii*
60′ h x 30′ w, deciduous
This tree grows fast, has beautiful fall color and can handle water inundation. It is a beautiful and underutilized as a street tree in New Orleans.

Bald Cypress • Taxodium distichum*
50′ h x 25′ w, deciduous
This native tree grows fast for its first 7-10 years, has beautiful fall color, can drink up to 880 gallons of water per day! It needs a large right-of-way or neutral ground to thrive.