Celebrating the TreeCentennial

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the sweet notes of Magnolias blend with jazz from the festivals, reminding us of how special our city really is. As you meander through the communities around the Fair Grounds this weekend, don’t forget to delight in the foliage of all the new trees that SOUL has planted: Savannah Hollies greet you outside the shops on Ponce de Leon, Sweet Bay Magnolias line Grande Route St. John, and a Drummond Red Maple glistens on Maurepas.

These trees, and the hundreds of others you helped plant throughout the city over the last two years, are really making an impact. Just ask Robert Mildenberger of Algiers Point:

“As I drive down what was a barren street and see newly planted trees, my spirit is uplifted. Keep it up.”

We hope you, too, experience a similar feeling of joy when you see the newest members of our city’s urban forest.


In honor of New Orleans’ tricentennial, we are launching our own TreeCentennial: a month-long series of inspirational and educational offerings to raise critical funding for our third year of reforesting New Orleans. We’ll feature stories from your neighbors like Robert, and explore how trees offer lasting benefits to our city.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Ancient Greek Proverb

Stay tuned as we kick off the campaign next Tuesday on GiveNOLA Day with a story about long-time resident and Terranova Supermarket owner Karen Terranova.

In the meantime, enjoy the first weekend of Jazz Fest, and all the trees leading up to it!

With gratitude,

Susannah & Scott


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