Treequinox 2023 Giving Campaign

Treequinox 2023 is SOUL’s end-of-year online and mailed campaign to generate funding for SOUL. Since 2016 we have planted over 8,000 trees, and our goal is to reforest Orleans Parish. We plant entire neighborhoods at a time, as we have demonstrated in Pontchartrain Park and Old Algiers Riverview.

During the last six months, we have experienced an unprecedented drought that has wreaked havoc on our urban landscape and impacted the survivability of many trees. Between the threat of saltwater intrusion in our drinking water, and half the rain we usually expect, it is clear that we have to be financially prepared for any and all climate-related weather events. In order to be proactive, we must build an unrestricted fund that can be used for emergency situations like the drought we are still enduring.

By becoming a sponsor of our Treequinox End-of-Year Giving Campaign, you will demonstrate your commitment to a thriving tree canopy across New Orleans that provides the relief of shade, cool, and stormwater absorption for all communities.

The campaign will span all of December and will be widely shared to our online network of 10,000+ individuals, and mailed to hundreds of households throughout the city.

Make your sponsorship donation online by clicking here.

You may make your sponsorship donation online by clicking here. If you prefer to mail a check, click the link or button below, download a paper form, and mail it in with your check.

Contact Susannah Burley with any questions at 504 616 6888 and