Recommended Tree Species

Keep in mind these trees are for planting in the right-of-way/planting strip (space between sidewalk and street). In some cases a concrete cutout must be made.


If your right-of-way is less than 5′ deep, or if you have overhead powerlines, the City requires that you choose a SMALL TREE. Here are some trees that SOUL recommends for right-of-way plantings:


Savannah Holly Ilex x attenuata ‘Savannah’ 12-15’h x 6’w

Grancy Graybeard/Native Fringe Chionanthus virginicus 20’h x 12’w

Natchez Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica ‘Natchez’ 20’h x 15’w

Chinese Parasol Tree Firmiana simplex 25’h x 10’w

Little Gem Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ 25’h x 15’w

Sweet Bay Magnolia Magnolia virginiana 30’h x 15’w


Chinese Pistache Pistacia chinensis 35’h x 25’w

Drummond Red Maple Acer rubrum ‘Drummondii’ 40’h x 30’w

Sawtooth Oak Quercus acutissima 50’h x 30’w

Bald Cypress Taxodium distichum 50’h x 20’w