As part of the Reforesting Pontchartrain Park program, SOUL is excited to offer yard trees in an effort to diversify Pontchartrain Park’s tree canopy and offer more varieties of tree species to its residents. There is a limit of 3 yard trees per household, and you must be a resident of Pontchartrain Park. Please contact SOUL’s Program Manager, Emily Stieber, at estieber@soulnola.org or 504-273-4954 for more information or to request your trees.

Deciduous Holly • Ilex decidua

12’h x 8′
Female Deciduous Hollies are adorned with beautiful red and orange berries in the winter. This stunning tree, with its multi-stemmed trunk, attracts birds and thrives in wet soil.

Kumquat  fortunella japonica

8’h x 12’w
This tree produces small, edible citrus fruits that you can eat whole (skin and all!) or make into jams and jellies. With shiny, dark green leaves it requires full sun and well drained soil.

LSU Purple Fig  ficus carica

8′-10’h x 8′-10’w
Boasting a unique leaf shape, the LSU Purple Fig produces sweet fruit with a deep purple color. This bountiful tree is disease resistant and will produce fruit up to twice a year when it receives at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Ironwood, American Hornbeam • Carpinus caroliniana

20-30’h x 20-30’h • deciduous
This slow grower likes well-drained soil and partial shade. Characterized by its smooth slate gray bark, it also attracts birds.

Persimmon  diospyros virginiana

30′ – 60’h x 25′ – 30’h
Its pretty drooping branches give a thicket like effect. When it is big enough you don’t have to mow underneath it! It’s edible fruit is golden in color, pulpy and sweet, and can be used in jellies, breads, chutneys, etc. The Persimmon flourishes in wet or dry soils.

River Birch • betula negra

30-50’h x 25-30w • deciduous
This fast growing, multi-trunk beauty is known for its unique silvery/white papery bark that peals to reveal the reddish brown color underneath. The River Birch will provide excellent shade.

Willow Oak  quercus phellos

60h x 40’w
This wonderful shade tree is great for large backyards and turns lovely fall shades.