How to get a tree

Thank you for your interest in receiving a tree through SOUL’s Community Forestry Program. Our next planting season spans November 2019-March 2020. We can only fulfill our mission with the help of caring homeowners and renters like you who share our vision of a greener, more resilient and more equitable New Orleans.

If you have already submitted a permit and/or spoken to a Block Captain, you do not need to take any further action. For all others, please take the following steps:

 1. Contact your Block Captain

Block Captains are SOUL’s neighborhood leaders. Your Block Captain can help you choose the right tree for the right space and can answer a number of your questions. They will also help you fill out and collect the tree permits (more information below.) Contact your nearest Block using the map below. Or better yet, become a block captain!

2. Fill out and return tree planting permit (REQUIRED)

Since we plant our trees in the public right-of-way (the space between the sidewalk and street), a tree planting permit is required to plant. You can access the tree planting permit here. Please submit it to your block captain, to or call us at 504-616-6888 to schedule a time to exchange the permit. For convenience, you can use to sign the permits online, then email us the signed PDF. Please note that the owner of the property must sign off on the permit. If you are a renter, please talk to your landlord about our program. If you want to plant in your yard and not in the right-of-way, please contact Susannah Burley at

If your right-of-way is made of concrete, you will have to remove the concrete in advance of planting day. Our recommended concrete removal vendors are:

 Mastodonte Construction for concrete removal at or 504 264 1352. 

Green Way, Inc. at 504-469-4424 or

If removing concrete is cost prohibitive, we recommend contact Felice Lavergne at The Urban Conservancy’s FYI program which subsidizes concrete removal when funding is available. Felice’s contact information is 504 717 6187 and

3. Help plant your tree

We encourage all able-bodied tree recipients to participate in the planting process. Sign up to volunteer here.

After we receive your permit, we will go through the permitting process and hopefully get each of your permits approved. When this step is complete on our end, we will be in touch with confirmation and further details about the tree plantings. You can view the dates of our plantings on our Events page.

Here are more resources for choosing and planting your tree:

If you are having trouble coordinating with a Block Captain or have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us or call 504 616 6888.