COVID-19 Volunteer Procedures

SOUL is in high gear for tree-planting season, which spans from October through March. This year’s season looks a little different operationally as we prioritize the safety of our volunteers. Amidst these changes, we are excited to provide safe and meaningful outdoor volunteer experiences for our community as we all come together to plant 1,500 native, water-loving trees across New Orleans. We will be instituting the following safety measures:

Skipping Morning Gathering

Volunteers will still report to base camp to check in and receive their planting location assignments. However, we will skip the morning gathering and volunteers will report directly to their planting locations to meet their team leaders after receiving their assignments. Instead of a group planting demonstration, team leaders will check in with individuals and small groups throughout the day. We strongly encourage you to check out this video on how to properly plant a tree ahead of volunteer day.

Change in Saturday Basecamp Operations

Skipping Breakfast & Lunch

To keep everyone safe, we are skipping large gatherings before and after plantings and avoiding handling food and drink this year. We ask volunteers to bring your own water bottles and whatever snacks you need to sustain your energy throughout the day.

Safe Check-Ins

SOUL team members located at check-in tables will provide you with your planting locations for the day. After you finish planting your trees, you do not need to return to basecamp; your team leader and/or truck driver will return your tools and supplies.

Advance Tree-Planting Instructions

To decrease the need for volunteers to gather in large groups, SOUL will provide tree-planting instructions in advance. We ask that volunteers spend a few minutes in advance of planting days to review the instructions. Click here to watch a brief video on how to properly plant a tree.

Sanitation Procedures

SOUL washes all gloves between planting days. We will supply hand sanitizer and provide masks at our check-in stations. Volunteers are encouraged to wear masks when not socially distanced.

We can’t wait to see you! At this time we ask that only those who are vaccinated sign up to volunteer. Sign up for volunteer days here! Check back periodically, as we add more volunteer dates throughout the season.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.