Block Captains

Looking for a way to safely canvass while maintaining safe distancing? We have doorhangers available! The doorhangers clearly and simply spell out SOUL’s permitting and planting process, and make getting in contact with neighbors easy and safe. Please contact Catherine to arrange to pick some up, or have some dropped off on your doorstep.


Due to COVID-19 we are not able to host any in-person block captain trainings. So we recorded a remote/online block captain training and have posted it below. 

Fast forward to 18:00 to skip the introductions and greetings.

Would YOU like to see more trees in your community? Then join us at a block captain training and to find out how enlist your neighbors to sign up for trees!

Block captains are SOUL’s connections to communities. We rely on our strong team of captains to act as liaisons between SOUL and your neighbors.

In brief trainings we teach you about our strategy for replanting New Orleans, the different tree species that we offer and what conditions they

belong on, the best practices for talking to your neighbors, and how we permit every tree through the city.

Email us for more information, or fill out this form to attend our next training!  

Looking for the Block Captain in your neighborhood, or want to tag-team your pavement pounding? Check out our Block Captain map below.