Watering and Maintenance (WAM) Program

McFaith Lawn Care waters SOUL trees in Broadmoor

We now experience both drought and flooding in New Orleans as a result of climate change. Summer 2023 was the hottest summer in New Orleans’ history and our second driest summer on record. The intense drought stressed our trees, and the heat forced us to double our watering efforts and expand our maintenance

Funding these unforeseen expenses has been a financial strain. In response we are launching a Watering and Maintenance program called WAM in order to mitigate the effects of flooding, drought and storms. Your dollars will fund the watering of trees twice per week during droughts plus mulching, hurricane preparation (staking trees), and storm response (straightening, staking and mulching trees).

Our amazing watering partner, McFaith Lawn Care doubled its watering capacity overnight in order to support our emergency need for more watering. Help us fund this vital service and the WAM program by donating today.

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