Building the Canopy: Broadmoor Tree Planting (1/28/18)


On Sunday, January 28, we teamed up with GoodWood NOLA, Doorman Designs, Riverside Lumber, and Waggonner & Ball to rebuild New Orleans’ urban canopy by planting 79 native trees in Broadmoor.

What do these four companies have in common? They are some of New Orleans’ finest builders and makers, and they’re all dedicated to creating a greener, more resilient New Orleans while offsetting their environmental impact by reforesting our city.

Trees are critical to our ability to absorb stormwater, slow winds, produce oxygen, lower air temperatures, decrease pollution and subsidence, and improve community health. In order to have an urban forest that sufficiently protects us and our city – similar to Atlanta’s or Chattanooga’s, for example – we need to plant approximately 1 million trees.

Thank you to GoodWood NOLA, Doorman Designs, Riverside Lumber, and Waggonner and Ball for being leaders in the planting of a robust urban forest and exemplars of sustainability in their field.

Food & drinks were graciously served by Next To Eat and Wayward Owl Brewing Company after the planting.